Being a driving instructor can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career option for most people. You teach people an important life skill and you get to meet different people from all walks of life. However, it takes some particular skills in order to be a good driving instructor. Here is a list of skills that every driving instructor must have aside from being a good driver:

Alertness and concentration

You have to be ready to operate the dual controls if needed in order to avoid any accidents. When you teach a student to drive, you will be in the passenger seat and you have to be able to monitor how your student is doing as well as be aware of everything that is going on in and out of the car for driving school insurance.


As a driving instructor, you have to be patient and supportive especially when teaching first time drivers. Some will be natural at it while some will be needing a lot of practice before you take them to the highway. These drivers can be anxious or hard headed behind the wheel and it takes a lot of patience to go through a driving lesson without you losing your cool.


Having a career as a driving instructor means you get to meet a lot of people from different walks of life. You are not only teaching teenagers – you will also be teaching men and women of different ages. You need to have the ability to interact well with different people.


A good driving instructor must be organized enough to sort out his or her schedule for the day. This skill will allow you to book multiple students in different times of the day – and increase your daily in come as well.

Safety awareness

A career as a driving instructor also has its risk. Every time you let a student take over the wheel, the risk of accidents is very high. A good driving instructor must be aware of everyone’s safety in and out of the car. It helps to also get your own cheap driving instructor insurance to be prepared in case of emergencies.


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